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BFP 20/21 Danfoss oil Pumps: BFP 20/21 sizes 3 and 5 oil pumps are designed for small/medium-sized domestic oil burners up to 42 l/h. Compact danfoss oil pumps with diaphragm regulator, cartridge filter and pressure adjustment on front.

BFP 20 L5 Light oil

BFP 20 R5 Light oil

BFP 20 L3 Light oil

BFP 20 R3 Light oil

BFP 21 L3 Kerosene/Light oil

BFP 21 R3 Kerosene/Light oil

BFP 21 L3 Light oil

BFP 21 L5 Light oil

BFP 21 R5 Light oil

BFP 21 R3 Light oil

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BFP 20/21 danfoss oil pump Application :


Application and features
Light oil and kerosene
1 or 2-pipe operation
Built-in pressure regulator
Solenoid valve cut-off (BFP 21)
Cartridge filter


Danfoss Oil Pumps series  BFP 11

Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 20/21

Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 21 LE/LE-S

Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 41

All types of Danfoss oil pumps are available in India

Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 52

Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFPH

Danfoss Oil Pumps series RSA

Danfoss Oil Pumps series RSH


All types of Danfoss oil pumps are available in India  |  We are leading importers, distributors and stockists of Danfoss pumps in India since 1996 - 97 (Yash Hitech Systems)

Our ranges of products are obtainable at affordable rates. We is offering danfoss oil pumps which are made using latest technology and highly used by for clients. These include DANFOSS BFP 21 L3 071N0156 / 071N0132 OIL PUMP, DANFOSS BFP11 L3 071N0141 OIL PUMP, DANFOSS BFP11 R3 071N0155 OIL PUMP, DANFOSS BFP21 L5 071NO172 OIL PUMP, DANFOSS COIL BFP 240V 071N0010, DANFOSS RSA125 070L3400 OIL PUMP, DANFOSS RSA40 070L3240 OIL PUMP, DANFOSS RSA60 070L3360 OIL PUMP, Danfoss oil pumps are used in different industries and ensure high durability. Danfoss fuel oil pump models BFP 11, BFP 20/21, BFP 21 LE/LE-S, BFP 41, BFP 52, BFPH, RSA, RSH.

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  Danfoss oil pump AP identification

Danfoss oil pump AT identification

Danfoss oil pump A2L identification

  Danfoss Kerosene, light oil pump
Two nozzle outlets oil pump

Two independent blocking solenoid valves

The gear set draws oil from the tank

through the built-in filter and transfers

it to the nozzle lines via the cut-off solenoid valves....

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