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We are Importers and Distributors of Danfoss Oil pumps in India since 1996 -97








  Danfoss Oil Pumps Accessories


These are small but Important Parts available. Can be used in conjunction with these oil pumps like, solenoid valves, solenoid coils, hubs / plates for conversion from 32 to 54mm, Danfoss flexible adaptor pipe, Danfoss pump seal, shaft seals kits, cover kits, plugin cables, small couplings etc


  Danfoss Burne Photo Cell

Danfoss Burne Photo Cell:  We offer danfoss oil burner photo cell

Danfoss Model :DANFOSS LDS BHO061/64 Photo cell 57H7085, 57H7285, 57H7081
also we have offer to Danfoss make Nozzles up to 35 GPH, Oil pump, BFP, RS series, Photo cell, pressure switch for stem oil and air, Ignition transformer for Gas burenr, etc.




  Solenoid valves, accessories and spare parts



Solenoid valves, accessories and spare parts Danfoss Seal kits, Danfoss service kits, Danfoss Coil sets, Danfoss repair kits, spare part kits (dismounting sets) and other spare parts, armature assemblies, manual stems and other accessories and spare part for solenoid valves. 


  Danfoss oil pumps Nozzles

Danfoss Nozzle Remover, Danfoss Nozzle Adapters , Accessories for Oil Nozzles, Danfoss High-Pressure Pumps, Danfoss High-Pressure Pump Valves, Danfoss High-Pressure Pump Motors, Danfoss High-Pressure Pump Nozzles, Danfoss High-Pressure Pump  Accessories



Danfoss Nozzle Box

A sturdy, attractive, injection molded plastic box with a molded insert to accommodate 40 Nozzles in their individual containers. It has a convenient carrying handle, sturdy snap hasps and hinges. A Nozzle Pressure/Flow Chart in the lid gives quick, on the job, reference information for the serviceman. Will accommodate nozzles in any standard make container.


Danfoss oil Nozzle Holder




Danfoss Oil Burner Pump

We import and supply Danfoss Oil Burner Nozzles/ Danfoss Oil burner pumps, Danfoss Ignition Transformer, Danfoss Photocell, Danfoss Flame sensor, Danfoss burner controller, Danfoss Sequence controller, Danfoss Burner Controls Etc..

Danfoss Burner oil Pump BFP21 L3
Danfoss Burner oil Pump BFP21 R3
Danfoss Burner oil Pump BFP41 R3
Danfoss Burner oil Pump BFP41 L3
Danfoss Burner oil Pump RSA40R AND L
Danfoss Burner oil Pump RSA60R AND L
Danfoss Burner oil Pump RSA95R AND L
Danfoss Burner oil Pump RSA125R AND L
Danfoss Burner oil Pump RSH Series
Danfoss Burner oil Pump KSN Series Etc.


 Danfoss Oil Burner Controller/ Control Box

We import and supply following Danfoss Electronic Oil burner controls OBC80 Series at affordable prices.

Danfoss Oil Burner Controller OBC 81.10
Danfoss Oil Burner Control Box OBC 82.10
Danfoss Oil Burner Control Unit OBC 82.11
Danfoss Oil Burner Controller OBC 84.10
Danfoss Oil Burner Control Box OBC 81A.12
Danfoss Oil Burner Controller OBC 82A.12
Danfoss Oil Burner Control Box OBC 81A.10
Danfoss Oil Burner Control Box OBC 85B.10



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We are Importer, traders of Danfoss oil pump in bulk stock since 1996 -97





Danfoss Burner Controller:

Models OBC 82.10 and 84.10 available in stock.
Microprocessor based controller offers Stable and Precise Timings.
Suitable for One / two stage burners upto 30 kg/hr capacity with and without preheater.

Danfoss EBI Transformers:

These are new EBI series 4 transformers of electronic type D and these are lead fee and RoHs compliant.
These are available for both Intermittent and Continuous Duty for single pole and two pole variety for small and medium Oil and Gas Burners.
Models available are EBI4 - 052F 4030 / 4038 / 4034 / 4040 / 4036 and 4031 varieties with plug in type primary cable.
These are already in built with suitable interference suppression free filters to overcome field disturbances in panels.




  Danfoss Pump Identification   Danfoss Pump Application Danfoss Pump Operating Principle  


  Danfoss oil pump AP identification

Danfoss oil pump AT identification

Danfoss oil pump A2L identification

  Danfoss Kerosene, light oil pump
Two nozzle outlets oil pump

Two independent blocking solenoid valves

The gear set draws oil from the tank

through the built-in filter and transfers

it to the nozzle lines via the cut-off solenoid valves....

  Danfoss Pump Technical Data   Danfoss Pump Dimensions Danfoss Pumps  




















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